Local Tea

Black tea, green tea, white tea: almost all teas are made from the leaves of the tea plant: Camellia Sinensis. It were the Chinese who started growing and drinking tea thousands of years ago. With the Tea by Me© Camellia Sinensis tea plant you can now grow and produce your own tea at home.

Never before has a plant nursery in Europe succeeded in growing a tea plant in the European climate. Special Plant Zundert(company), however, did after years of development. This plant is grown in the Netherlands and thrives in the Dutch climate.

From now on, this plant is exclusively available at TheeLokaal. Great as a gift!

Is making your own tea too tedious? We also sell our own blends based on our Dutch tea. Delicious, invigorating tea for breakfast or relaxing tea to enjoy before bedtime. Make a selection out of the assortments in our store.

Do you want to know more about our Dutch tea? TheeLokaal also gives workshops! In which you’ll learn all about the art of blending and tasting tea.
Interested? Contact us for more info regarding data and pricing.