Employment-Day Activities

Should a regular job currently be out of the picture for you, you will have opportunity to orientate yourself on the various activities we offer at TheeLokaal. This way, we’ll try to offer you a suitable place where you can develop further while being part of a cozy team. At TheeLokaal no two days are the same. You’ll get an opportunity to try a variety of jobs such as blending new tea flavours and packaging.

Would you like to join us?

This can be done on the basis of your PGB, WLZ indication, WMO, Forensic Care or via subcontracting by your healthcare institution and care organizations.
Schroeder’s Appointment Office will gladly tell you more about this. They can inform and advise you (and possibly your supervisor) in details.
Click here to make an appointment.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated people who want to work with us.

Our expectations

If you participate in our employment day activities there are a number of things that we consider important and which we want you to take into account:

  • Good personal hygiene is a requirement.
  • A well-groomed appearance is very important.
  • We find it utmost important to respect and acknowledge your colleagues.
  • The house rules at TheeLokaal are adhered to and a deal is a deal.
  • It is prohibited to consume alcohol or use drugs on the work floor and/or work whilst under influence.